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We have all seen how movies and television portray the "traditional" approach to matrimonial law: 

A husband and wife sit across from each other in a conference room, each next to his or her attorney. The “settlement” meeting quickly turns chaotic and hostile. The attorneys trade provocative insults and threats.  They are energized by conflict and they thrive in this environment.  The husband and wife join in: they yell and pound the table..  Eventually someone storms out and nothing has been accomplished; in fact, the animosity between the parties has grown and their willingness to settle has diminished.  Meanwhile, the parties’ children are suffering as a result.  Eventually, the court case reaches conclusion, after a lengthy and dramatic trial, where each spouse attacks the character of the other on the stand. Each party leaves the marriage full of hate and anger at the other, eager for revenge, and resentful of the divorce process.  Their children are forever scarred by the experience and the family’s assets are diminished.

Divorce does not have have be like this.  In this “traditional” model, neither party wins; the only winners are the attorneys, who have profited from the protracted conflict. The “traditional” model can be highly damaging to clients, to their children, and to their families.  The best way to protect yourself and your family from such a destructive experience is through the selection of the right attorney.
The Law Office of Julia Maxfield is committed to providing services that are constructive, efficient, and which will protect you and your family from unnecessary emotional and financial harm.  You will receive vigorous and skilled representation at the firm, but the avoidance of frivolous and wasteful litigation will be of paramount concern. The firm will take all available and appropriate steps to guide you through the legal process with as little collateral damage as possible.
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